Dating site on drupal

1) How's the performance of Drupal under heavy load?

I read some article online that when caching is enabled performance increases up to three times.

Besides just laying out the text as a selling point in the "introduction" and "about us" pages, there is an additional feature that promotes the Long-Term Relationship / NOTfor Players theme. What this does is ensures that once two date seekers are already pursuing each other seriously that they are not engaging in side conversations with other members at the same time.

I have seen enough dating sites out there promoting flings and casual or married type dating which promote affairs to married people.

I have been programming with PHP for 5-6 years, "developed" (or should I say configured) an e-commerce site with Joomla for my dad's business and have been doing contract works here and there.

Also some of the people who have posted to this forum, their links aren't working.

There is also a niche custom feature for exclusivity in online dating , which I will get to later, but let me quickly mention some of the drupal modules being used for this site.

(1) User Registration and Profile creation as nodes (used nodeprofile with cck) (2) Profile page display (using Contemplate module) (3) Thumbnail and Profile Page Display Image Presets (using Imagecache) (4) Image Watermark (using Imagecache Actions) (5) User Messaging (Privatemsg) (6) Showing exclusive interest in dating (Buddylist) (7) Add to Favorites (using Favorite Nodes) (8) Profile approval and moderation (using modr8) (9) Profile Revision approval (using Revision Moderation) (10) Date Search (using Views and Views Filter Block) (11) Report Abuse or Inappropriate content (using Abuse) (12) Automatic pruning of curse and obscene words from all node content including comments (using Wordfilter) (13) Forum (Drupal Forum) These are the major modules that enable the features / functionality for the online dating site.


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