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The video continues with images of stoning where as villagers surround young girl and keep kicking her on the ground and throwing stones until a big stone is thrown on her head repeatedly, crushing her motionless skull, killing her on the spot.

It’s going to be difficult dating because you have to go into Atlanta for a date. You don’t wanna live all the way out there in the middle of nowhere, Porsha. We’re all looking like you’re crazy.”“I’ve been looking like you’re crazy and less than smart ever since, and you know where I’m going with this, the ‘Underground Railroad’ comment.”“Porsha, the best you can do.In The Maternal Congruence, when Beverly Hofstadter visits town again, she asks Penny if her father had "finally come to terms with his little slugger growing breasts".Penny said her father sent her a football and catcher's mitt for Christmas, "so I'm going to say no." In The Boyfriend Complexity, when Wyatt visits Penny in Pasadena, she pretends to still be dating Leonard.For the majority of 2013, the queen of mean had been duking it out with friend-turned-foe, Ne Ne Leakes.Now it appears that she’s starting off the new year fresh by beefing with Ne Ne’s “Real Housewives of Atlanta” co-star Porsha Williams.An expedition of masked Muslims is shown as they prepare to go out and revenge the death of this young Muslima.


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