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Licensed by the Maritime Coastguard Agency to carry 100 passengers, she has been operating on this run for the last fifteen years.

The trip on the boat lasts from around 4.5 to 5 hours in total, which includes 2.5 to 3 hours ashore on the Island, and if the weather allows a slow circumference of the Island by the boat to allow visitors to enjoy the spectacular scenery and wonderful wildlife from the sea.

Starring: Georgie Parker, Jenni Baird, Conrad Coleby, Christopher Gabardi, Martin Lynes, Tammy Macintosh, Judith Mcgrath, Paul Tassone Also Starring: Fletcher Humphrys as Alex Kearns, Henry Nixon as Sterling Mc Cormack, Celia Ireland as Regina Butcher, Anne Looby as Julia Archer, Jason Lee as Sean Lim, Chris Burke as Dr Robert Hunt, Gosia Dobrowolska as Vera, Kim Knuckey as Ray Carroll Guest Starring: Eamon-Luke Davern as George Hrubj, Jonathan Latham as Goran Milovic, Neil Modra as Detective Alan Barry, Alison Turner as Caroline Graves, Michael Holmes as Cameron Healey, Richard Emery as Anaesthetist Episode 7.02 (256) February 17, 2004 1.22 million viewers Screenplay by Harry West Directed by Catherine Roden Terri begins the fight to save Ward 17.

Regina plays cupid, arranging a blind date for Terri with her cousin, and spends the whole day making sure Terri can't back out of her date.

Charlotte's nose is out of joint when a new young resident beats her to a diagnosis.

The situation becomes dire when the hospital's new CEO, Julia, warns Terri that the struggling ward is under observation as it faces permanent closure.

Although undergoing counselling, Charlotte refuses to dwell on the rampage and insists on going about her daily routine.


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