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MANILA - De La Salle University star Jeron Teng on Thursday confirmed that he is now dating courtside reporter Jeanine Tsoi.

In an interview on morning talk show "Magandang Buhay," Teng gamely opened up about his personal life months after his breakup with young actress Jane Oineza. As of now, wala pang (official girlfriend)," Teng said.

I’m happy I landed in New York for my first job after graduating, but breaking news isn’t my strength — I prefer human-interest stories. Until I moved to New York, I never dated white guys. He texts me to tell me that his lawyer friends will be there. His friends dwindle as we sit at the bar, talking about our backgrounds. Drunkenly, I tell him about the married man at work.

A cute white guy lets me go in front of him in line and we start flirting a little. Sometimes women get weird around attractive women — even the ones who are just as attractive. After a couple of tequila tonics (don’t knock it until you try it), I’m feeling great. It’s not a big deal to me either — I just have no interest in being anyone’s “experiment” or ebony fantasy. He says he’s been with his girlfriend three years …

And in a three-and-a-half-minute video clip released by investigators, he could be seen standing on the side of the road while police searched his Mazda Sedan and bags.asks anonymous city dwellers to record a week in their sex lives — with comic, tragic, often sexy, and always revealing results. My mom pushed television on me when I started college. It’s refreshing to cover a fluffy story every once in a while. I grew up in a pretty diverse, middle-class suburban neighborhood. I tell him to let me know when he’s wrapping up with them. He doesn’t seem like he’s judging me, maybe because he’s ten years older than me. I’m sitting close to him and his knee is between my legs. This week, a 26-year-old TV reporter seeing someone in a ten-year relationship: 26, straight, Fi Di. I don’t have a regional accent and people consider me more attractive than most (I do, too), so I decided to give it a shot. Shooting in Brooklyn for my first story of the day. As a black woman from So Cal, it’s exciting to be in NYC — but news is just exhausting. The lawyer I met during a court story last week texts me: . There were plenty of white guys in my high school and college — dating interracially was just something I didn’t really consider. I spread out on the couch and take off my bra (the best part of arriving home is freeing the boobs). Our messages are flirty, and then I get bored and ignore him. I wake up with one thing on my mind: It’s Friday and I want to get drunk. I’m pretty outgoing, but I don’t feel like being in any awkward social interactions tonight. I have a change of heart and text Mark to tell him I don’t mind meeting his friends. I roll into the bar late but everyone’s too drunk to care. In May 2006, she surprised the management of TF1 by refusing the offer to be the anchorwoman of the weekend evening news of TF1, as a summer replacement for sitting anchorwoman Claire Chazal.In June 2006, Métropole 6, another French television channel, announced her arrival for September as editor-in-chief and presenter of Zone Interdite ("Forbidden Zone"), a weekly magazine show featuring investigative reporting."Siguro 'yung differences lang, it's the way na lumaki ka, 'di nagkakaintindihan, not meant to be, the way you look at things," he told the show's host Karla Estrada.


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