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My i Phone address book holds nearly 800 contacts including defunct numbers, contacts containing no information, and of course the requisite dozens of duplicate contacts.This is the result of years of syncing various email accounts and social media profiles.First, you need to start receiving emails from the addresses you want consolidated in your main account.This way when someone sends an email to one of your consolidated accounts you’ll see it in your main account, no additional logins required.these days and this can lead to contact information being scattered across multiple duplicate contacts.There are at least three situations in which it might become necessary to merge Outlook contacts.To do this you use the POP3 system of receiving email.Basically this means that all messages will come to your main account and will not appear in your old account any longer, even though your old account still exists.

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The easiest way to keep your life simple and organized is through a centralized online address book. offers one of the Web's best email and address books.Enabling IMAP in Gmail Adding Your Gmail Account to Outlook Importing Your Google Contacts Community Q&A Microsoft Outlook's easy-to-use interface can be combined with Google's popular web email program.When configured correctly, any changes you make on either Gmail or Outlook will be automatically synced with the other, and all of your organization will carry across both.One problem that I have found to be especially frustrating lately is that of duplicate contacts.It seems that everyone has multiple e-mail accounts, Facebook accounts, etc.You might also need to access your email from different locations and on several devices.


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