Problem belkin router keeps updating dns

Opening invariably resulted in an ugly error "Binary is error, please choose correct one. When hooking back up my existing Asus router (which the wife hates dealing with - the reason I got the Belkin) it connected immediately. I guess I'll just have to help the wife get used to the (admittedly more complicated) router we already own.I bought this to replace an older Belkin router, but this new model seems to have about half the range as the old one. Only 2 Issues are: Cannot Add external IP addresses to Firewall to Block/Ban And for God Sake!This setting was my mistakeso has No Bearing on the 4 Stars.4 Stars is because the Firewall is pretty much useless.This problem is especially prominent with the Actiontec routers provided with Verizon FIOS and others.With this problem, data suddenly stops flowing through your i Pad’s Wi Fi connection, even though the connection appears active (i.e. During the last 8 or more years I had Belkin routers in my home, the previous model N1 vision was a very good router but gets obsolete too early besides its awesome display, features and a very nice design, so I decided to get this router on June 2012, and today it still works, the firmware update process refresh the router performance and a new interface that is most welcome, this router is fast, many customize options and a very nice design, overall is a good router but the signal is a little poor, my parent's house is 40 years old so the walls are well made and the signal can't reach the living room and it's only 10 meters away so I have to use an extender to have signal in all my house, other point is the Intelli Stream, please do not activate this feature it only causes troubles, slow navigation, poor video quality, among other things.On arrival, requested a firmware update, then bricked and was totally unresponsive. However, the next morning it wasn't connected, and absolutely refused any and all efforts to reconnect to the internet.

Opening invariably resulted in an ugly error "Binary is error, please choose correct one. I recommended it if your home is not so big and the walls are from a more light materials. Like a few others, this installed and ran effortlessly when I hooked it up.However, Belkin's workaround did not resolve the issue for some customers.One user nicknamed mojofilter said on Reddit that "setting my customer's PC's DNS to our DNS or Google's ( has had no effect.A series of Wi-Fi connectivity disturbances comprise the biggest set of issues afflicting new i Pad owners.With Apple largely silent, save a few suggestions that include moving closer to the router and resetting the device, we’ve put together a comprehensive description of the various problems users are experiencing, along with a series of potential fixes.My patio is only about 40 feet from the router and the signal isn't strong enough to register on my smartphone. Don't be an Idiot Like me, Properly Adjust or Disable the Intellistream Setting. I for Instance didn't see this setting for almost a Year, and was paying/wasting$$$ for 100mbs connection ($$$$)but only getting 15mbs.


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