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The map download will vary by device, and offer the most up-to-date map available.

No matther when you update, you'll always have the latest for your Tom Tom device.The Bandit is also well supported by Tom Tom, with the company continuing to invest in its existing hardware with performance-enhancing updates.The latest of these arrives just in time for summer, and enables the camera to automatically detect if it's submerged in water, and adjust the colour balance accordingly.Tom Tom wanted to charge me for updated maps after I owned the device for a year. Many of my friends have Garmins, so my next GPS will be a Garmin. For the past 3 days, I have been trying to fix the failure of my Tom Tom Rider to work.Their website broadcasts "LIVE Customer Service is not available after 12/31/2016." Simply put, the device is not supported anymore by real people over the phone. After responding to a company email to update my maps, the touch screen failed completely.To help you deal with unanticipated situations that require increased attention, the navigation system warns you when approaching a camera (fixed speed camera, mobile speed camera or traffic light) in countries where this is allowed.


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