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Within half an hour it was obvious to both that they were the perfect fit with both on the same musical wavelength.Amanda has said that "I may never experience love at first sight, but I can imagine how it feels. The duo went through several name changes, going by the names The Left, Finishing School, and at the time of their debut concert as the Zeitgeist Gallery in Cambridge they were known as Out of Arms, before settling on the superlative The Dresden Dolls.According to Palmer, the shows fell into place when representatives from the Amphitheater at Coney Island Boardwalk approached the duo about a possible show."It was just too tempting to say no to playing a giant Coney Island show," she explained.

Songwriter Amanda has a natural affinity for performance, having spent time playing in school musicals, creating performance art pieces and making a living as a living statue.(Tickets for both shows go on sale April 15 at 10 a.m.Eastern time.) "We are back in action," Palmer told Pitchfork in an interview yesterday.There aren’t that many relationships out there where two people are just together all day, all the time, trying to figure out what to do with each other. And I have a feeling that’s just going to be a flip-flop, you know?Usually, both people have jobs and lives and touch base, so what we’ve learned is…the best manifestation of our relationship is when we can both work near each other, and touch base with each other, because just spending empty, open time with each other…can drive us nuts. Most couples end up fighting on vacation because they’re like, ‘Oh god! ’ Like, ‘We’ve been together for nine hours, and we’ve run out of shit to talk about, and we’re not doing anything! When he puts out the book that he’s writing right now, he’s probably going to have to go do things X, Y, and Z, and work around a schedule, but right now he gets to improv through his life, and I’ve got to be enslaved to the calendar. I mean, I’ve never actually thought that a record that I’ve made has been this good.Brian has experience as a Metal and Jazz drummer, and as a very young child found that his technical progress was able to improve significantly when he stopped ruining his drums by driving needles and paper clips through them.


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