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Everybody except Vince — who pretty much had no arc thanks to him already having a job to go to at the end of the season, shooting Frank Darabont’s Ferrari biopic — completely redefined their lives over the course of what seemed like a very short season, and while it couldn’t get to the heights of some of got into the lives of “the guys,” and for better or worse, I’m glad it was able to dive so deeply.

Eric, failing to get his management company off of the ground, takes a job at a bigger firm run by George Segal, gets a sweet-ass receptionist played by ‘s Kate Mara (who will definitely present some major opposition to E’s happiness next season) and already establishes himself as a dominate force against douchey Scott Caan.

“Sometimes I give in to my cravings but if you’re a size 8, you have to watch what you eat most of the time,” she said. ” The 20-year-old beauty — who has previously fronted advertising campaigns for skincare brand Neutrogena and US clothing chain Candies — admits all her favorite foods contain carbohydrates, so she tries to restrict her intake to prevent herself from ...

Continue reading this entry » Tending to her stylish new hairdo, Hayden Panettiere paid a pre-weekend visit to Warren Tricomi salon in West Hollywood on Friday (April 30).

After the second season finale left fans with quite a few cliff-hangers, 90210’s third season begins tonight. It just got me thinking how the whole cast has all these different side projects going on. Tristan shares his music, and he’ll go on Ustream and show us him recording his music. TDW: Well, there’s no quota for how many times you have to tweet.

Teen Drama Whore: First off, I wanted to wish you a happy belated birthday. All of you have these other avenues of art that you’re experimenting in. There’s some really creative people on the show, and it’s really fun. But I would maybe ask your castmates to help set you up with a Twitter account. Eggold: I would like to share a little bit of music.

Brooks, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Jeremy Piven, Kate Mara, Martin Scorsese, Matt Damon, Melrose Place, Zac Efron | [2] Comments ‘s sixth season, and oh man do I know a lot of people who were threatening to give up on the show this year, I think it ended on a very clear, concise note of an overarching theme that just took too long to get started.

No matter what the flaws, the constant deviation away from the life of central character Vinnie Chase and his movie star woes, one remarkably poor casting decision, it wrapped up nicely, and season six came to be about the pros and cons of being impulsive.

It did not take Kaley Cuoco long to get over her former fiance' Josh Resnik. TDW: I really loved it, and it was a surprise to see your face in the video and then it was a surprise again to see your name in the credits for providing some of the music as well. It was just sort of a random, “Why don’t we do this? They have a new rollercoaster there that’s awesome. She was embarrassed to sing, but she did and sounds great. Everyone that’s seen it has said it looks really great and came out really well, and I agree. It’s fun to mess around with your friends in terms of making a short film or making a little music video or whatever.But his love life has become lazy, and his multi-episode back-and-forth with Alexis Dziena didn’t seem to amount to anything other than obnoxious scenes that went nowhere.And yes, Dziena sucked the life out of any scene in which she appeared, even though I can’t remember having a problem with her acting in the past in work such as . TDW: What did it mean to you to be part of the 90210 franchise on that day? But it felt like it was for our show, because I can’t separate 90210 from anything but the show. There were only a few of you at The CW upfront, so this was the first time nearly all of you were together at an event in a long time. And I was really hungry, too, so I was walking around eating everything in sight. There’s this place called Bouchon and they had these melons with feta cheese on top of it, and it was the best thing I’ve ever had in my life. So, there were no cast members there from the original series, right? And I remember being just too young to be participating in what they were, in the sense that they’d be drinking and going to parties and having sex and all these things, and I’d be like, “What is that? I don’t really know what it is, but one day I’m going to be a big kid like them and I’m going to do that stuff and it’s going to be awesome.” That’s what I remember.


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