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20 Questions If you and your man are forced to spend long periods of time apart, whether because you work different hours or live in a different city, this is a great way to pass the time and bond.You can play it in a couple ways, either by taking a picture of your surroundings that disguises a lot of details or by giving hints about where you are.If she sounds intrigued, move into the "What are you wearing? The things she will let you do over type will naturally differ from the things you'll get away with IRL, and so it can be a way to discover that she is interested in anal, that she wants more oral, that you might want more nipple play, etc." stuff from every phone-sex conversation you've ever seen on TV. You're going to need to do most of the work, especially at first, so get cool with that. It’s a way to pass the time while thinking about the one you love.To engage in the art of the erotic text, you will need to be somewhat James Bond (but less rapey).Should he eliminate his page or share one with me or what?

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And by "well read" I don't mean you need to have all of Shakespeare and T. Eliot committed to memory—I mean you need to be comfortably endowed with pop culture, enough to make her smile and pay attention to your wit. If she follows up with "I'm working late" or "My uncle just died," that's a sign that you should not push forward.He said because I was putting pressure on him and that it was hard for him to be the only "bread winner" in our household and that I've been making him very upset lately.Yes I admit I am wrong for going on to my husband's page but when I get a feeling that he's up to something, I always end up being right.You have no idea how far a well-timed Biggie quote or a "Hakuna Matata" can go. Let's say you've gone on a few dates with New Girl (if she happens to look like, or be, Zooey Deschanel, my hat goes off to you). We'll make it happen, but tonight is not your night.There have been some makeouts, maybe a little oral, but nothing crazy town. If she writes back something ambiguous—"Just at home" or "Reading"—then you can respond with something along the lines of "I'm thinking about you," or "You look so hot when you're focused." Read the signs. Once sexting becomes a regular thing, she may want to send you visuals. Just go back to what you were doing with your imaginary giant dong."Hey baby, I'm going to hit the gym," you say, and he demands a sweaty workout picture that reveals your cleavage.


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